There are some websites and companies that offer cashback or vouchers other loyalty schemes where you can get money off the items that you buy. Sometime sit can feel like a big hassle, but is it worthwhile? There are different types of scheme it is worth understanding what they are and then you can decide if you think that they will work out for you.

Loyalty cards

Shops will issue a loyalty card and some you can sign up to online. If you give your unique number when you shop, either typing in at online checkout or handing over at the till, you will get some points added on depending on how much you spend. Then you will be able to spend those points or use them to get money off in the future. The cards vary a lot between shops and so you need to decide whether to get one depending on how often you shop in that place and what the reward is. Some independents will also have a scheme where you may get a stamp when you spend over a certain amount and then get a voucher or money off once you have filled the card. With some cards you will need to register the card and they will have your details. Then they will be able to monitor what you buy when you use the card. This is something that some people do not mind at all, but some people have a problem with it. So, you will have to decide what you feel about it. Some you get the card stamped and no details are taken so you might feel more comfortable with that. Think about whether you feel it is worth the hassle of carrying the card and handing it over or entering the number online (although if you register online the card number will be saved). It is always good to get a discount so you have to decide whether you think it is worth it.

Woman holding a loyalty card while showing it against a white background


Vouchers and coupons are less common than they used to be. It used to be the case that you found them in newspapers or circulars, cut them out and handed them over when you bought the products they were for. You can still sometimes get money off vouchers and voucher codes but it tends to happen more online. You tend to be able to print them off or use a code when you shop online to get a discount. These can save money, but they are often used to try to encourage you try items that you would not normally buy. So be careful that you are not tempted to spend money that you would not normally spend or to purchase things you do not need. 


There are some websites that offer cashback on purchases. These will have a big list of retailers and if you want to shop at one of them then you visit the cashback site, find the retailer and click through to them from the cashback site. It will track your purchase and you will get paid cashback on your purchase. Sometimes they do not always track properly and sometimes the cashback is refused for different reasons. This means that you should only do it for shopping that you were going to do anyway and gain that bit of money back. If you do not get paid it will not be the end of the world as you wanted the item anyway and if you get the cashback it is a bonus. Be careful not to spend more than you planned because of the cashback – it will only be a small amount.

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