There are more choices for shopping these days and we may find ourselves wondering which might be the best options for us. This is because we may wonder whether we should be shopping online or on the high street. These are really the two main options for us but there are pros and cons to both.

Advantages of high street shopping

Local high streets are struggling at the moment. With so many people buying things online, it means that many shops are closing on our high streets. If you are happy with shopping online then you may not mind at all. However, these are places which employ local people and provide a service to those that do not have online access so keeping them open benefits more people than just ourselves. A high street can be a much more friendly place if it has lots of shops in. Shops encourage more people into town which encourage more shops to open and so there is a cumulative effect. A town with lots of good shops will even attract visitors or tourists. This extra shopping can really boost the local economy which can have a positive impact on all residents. It can help to provide more local jobs, mean more money is put into the area which could provide better services and generally make the place a nicer place to be.

Shopping locally also gets us out of the house. Many of us now spend a lot of time indoors because we can. This can be great, but getting a bit of fresh air and exercise while shopping can really benefit us. We also get the social benefits as we will chat to the shop assistants and we may also see people that we know that we can talk to as well.

It can be really good being able to see the items before we buy them. Being able to handle them or perhaps try them on in the case of clothing and shoes can be really helpful to us. It will also mean that you are less likely to need to return things, which can cost money as you may have to pay  the return postage if you buy online.

Advantages of online shopping

When we shop online we have a lot more retailers to choose from. We can pick from sellers from all over the world. This means that we get a much bigger choice of items. This can mean that we end up buying a lot more and potentially spending more than we can afford but it also means that we have a better chance of being able to buy exactly what we are looking for.

There is a lot more competition online and so you may be able to find things cheaper, but you will have to hunt around quite a bit for the best deals, like you would in high street shops. You will normally have to pay for items to be delivered but this cost can be outweighed by the savings that you make on the items that you buy and some places will offer free postage anyway.

You can shop from home when you buy online. You do not have tow ait for a shop to open or make the effort to leave the house, but you can just shop at any time. So, this means you can shop in the middle of the night in bed if you wish to. Of course, this does mean that there is temptation all of the time, but it can be extremely convenient for anyone that works during shop opening hours and so wants to buy things when the shops are closed.

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